Cameron Hanwell
Cameron Hanwell
Senior UK Pension Coordinator

Nicholas Price has personally helped both my friends and family back in the UK secure cheaper electricity and gas options.

Nick is enthusiastic and passionate about delivering the very best to his clients and is meticulous when it comes to keeping them happy, serviced and renewed.

His continuos low pricing is phenomenal when compared to many of his competitors and his willingness to help is unbeatable.

Before Nick helped my parents I had just no idea how much you could truly save by looking at changing suppliers. CRAZY!!

August 16, 2016, Cameron was NICHOLAS’s client
Helen Grove
Helen Grove
Sales Director

I’ve known Nick for over 20 years. His knowledge within the industry is extensive. He’s spent many years building a reputable reputation. He’s fun to work with and is focused on his client base ensuring he always get’s them the best deal available.

Reenah T.

Business Development Officer

I have known Nicholas as a man of integrity, credibility and hard work. Nicholas has demonstrated impressive professionalism at all times. His courage and improbable strength has been shown from his excellent knowledge and vivid impact in the gas and energy market. I wholly appreciate the times working with him. I highly regard all his help and guidance.

February 19, 2016, Reenah reported to NICHOLAS 

Phil Price
Phil Price
Managing Director Crucible Sales & Lettings

I might be slightly biased because we share the same surname, however credit must be given where its due.

Nick always possesses a superb positive attitude towards achieving targets and getting the very best for his clients.

Whether it be in the business, private or sports arena you will always get 100% from Nick and couldn’t ask for a better man to be on your team.

October 16, 2015, Phil was with another company when working with NICHOLAS at Price Consultants

David Sharples
David Sharples
Managing Director, Holdsworth Chocolates

I have known Nicholas for many years and have dealt with him on a number of business situations. He is professional, reliable and hard working. He certainly gets results and I look forward to continuing our ongoing business association for many years to come.

October 2, 2015, David was NICHOLAS’s client

Tracy Houlihan

CEO Toto Energy

I engaged the services of Nick when he was a utility broker. His passion for providing his customers the best product and price for their needs was obvious. His move into financial services will allow him to continue his passion….putting his customers first.

October 2, 2015, Tracy was NICHOLAS’s client

Mark Coghlan

Mark Coghlan
Business Development Manager at Imperative Energy

I had the pleasure of working with Nicholas whilst I was employed by e.on the German utility. We worked together on a number of projects focused on saving money for Charity & Faith Organisations across the West Midlands. I found Nicholas to be a great communicator and fair & honest with his clients.

October 1, 2015, Mark worked with NICHOLAS

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