For larger users and multi-site groups, we can help you to reduce energy costs through more effective procurement, improved energy efficiency and, subsequently, improved environmental compliance. For small to medium businesses we can offer a simpler approach with a fixed-term, fixed-price contract.

We manage the entire process of renewing or changing your supplier on your behalf. Your involvement is limited to the provision of some basic information and a decision when we present you with the contractual options. There is no obligation to use the option we present to you. Changing supplier is a simple process with no interruption to your supply at any point.

We are able to remove the time and effort that is needed by a company in ensuring that your renewal prices are competitive.

In addition, we can identify the most competitive supply prices available for your business. Being an independent brokerage, you will always get free and impartial advice from us.

Finally, controlling your energy contract is important. We will ensure that your termination letter, if required, is produced on a timely basis, thus avoiding being rolled over with your supplier at an uncompetitive and inflated rate