The wholesale price of gas and electricity is not easily predictable and continually fluctuates influenced by world events and the supply and demand of the world’s producers and consumers.

Fluctuating wholesale prices mean that the price of gas and electricity offered to UK commercial customers by the 20 or so supply companies is never the same.

Other factors also affect the suppliers pricing policy. For example, if a supply company has purchased too much energy and cannot sell it on, they will reduce their margins to make the energy more attractive. This often happens in a recession when customers unexpectedly cut back production using less energy than has been calculated and purchased by the supplier.

Similarly, when supply companies wish to expand and grow their customer base, they will change their price structures and offer preferential rates. These rates are typically launched through brokers such as ourselves.

By constantly monitoring the changes in the energy market, Fortis Energy on behalf of its customers can identify the most competitive gas and electricity prices for an individual business or site.